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Stitching Porcelain (New Directions Publishing)

"I learned about Ricci in 1963 when as an undergraduate I took a Far East history course; I was immediately enamored of this courageous, canny man and of the country that was China. In 1985 I read Jonathan D. Spence’s astonishing The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci and this book rekindled for me the image of the strange, brilliant, sympathetic figure with whom I had been fascinated."

–from the Preface to Stitching Porcelain

"Remarkable and enchanting. The originality of its conception and execution is brilliant, and beneath that brilliance lie mysterious depths."
–Denise Levertov

"Poetry's a narrow saddle in which readers often shift their weight. While we sometimes accuse autobiographical poems of having too limited a sphere, we just as often claim fictional and biographical ones leave readers feeling manipulated by artifice (as though the poet gussied up an otherwise pedestrian imagination with stolen flourishes). It is a rare volume that can make someone else's life feel heartfelt and necessary, but this is the magnificent balance offered by Deborah Larsen's first collection."
–Jessica Greenbaum, The Nation